Gest 3.0 Can Control Photoshop & Browsers Using Mouse Gestures

Earlier this year, we covered a mouse-gesture application for Windows, called Gest, which includes pre-defined, simple mouse gestures like Up, Down, O, Left and Right, to perform numerous actions in Windows Explorer. Back then, Gest had multi-gesture support and the ability to control only Windows Explorer through mouse gestures. If you’ve been using Gest for a while, you will be glad to know that the program has just been updated to version 3.0. The latest version brings mouse gesture-based controls for PhotoShop and all widely used browsers (including, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari). Besides these improvements, it includes syntax for opening different folders, option to use several circles per gesture, while allowing you to use blank gestures to perform specified actions for all supported applications.

Before you start controlling browsers using Gest pre-defined mouse gestures, you need to configure gesture, gesture box, mouse trail and other generic application specific settings from configuration console. The Gestures tab allows you to set gesture based controls for numerous browser, Windows Explorer, and Photoshop actions, including page forward, page backward, refresh page, close window, next window, show settings, maximize/restore, etc. It’s advised to view help manual available on product page before setting the gestures. All cursor keys related mouse gestures are supported, i.e up, down, left and right while you can use circle in gesture combination to extend the gesture based control for an application.

gest main

The Gesture Box appears whenever you draw an unidentified gesture. It lets you associate an action with gesture and save the new gesture to the list. By default, it appears at top-left corner of the screen. However, you can change its position and color from Gesture Box tab.

new gesture s

Once configured, launch the browser in which you want to use Gest mouse gestures, and draw the mouse gesture with right-click mouse button to perform the action. Gest is a highly-sensitive mouse-gesture application, which means you won’t have to draw the exact shape to perform actions. For instance, if circle is mapped with page refresh action, you can refresh the page even by drawing a semi-circle or ribbon shape over the browser window.

gesture 3

By default, the mouse trail color is blue and diameter is set to 12, but you can change these settings from Mouse Trail tab in Settings.


From Extra Settings tab, you can disable mouse gesture controls for any supported application. Click Choose applications and uncheck the application you want to disable. The Sensitivity drop-down menu allows you to use custom mouse gesture sensitivity.

extra settings

Gest version 3.0 has certainly made it a lot easier to control page navigation in browsers with simple mouse gesture controls. The refresh, minimize, open and close window gesture controls save you clicks to perform the actions. Gest works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

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