General Manager job – Domino’s – Lakewood, CO


  • Login to RapidHire daily to ensure we are hiring the best people possible.
  • Review with management team evernote feedback from Director of Operations/District Manager.
  • Drive with one driver each week at your store, and give feedback on how he/she can improve efficiency and tips. Train drivers how to smart hustle.
  • Review SUTUS reports daily and work on getting to zero calls on hold and 90% of calls answered in less than 2 rings.
  • Have detailed notes on free items given away daily.
  • Maintain load times at 3 minutes or less and wait times at 3 minutes or less.
  • Work on driver hustle and in store hustle to get EDT to 18 minutes.
  • Maintain 85% DOT
  • Team Member Safety comes first.
  • Give out daily to do list to strive for impeccably clean & well-maintained restaurants.
  • Hire only exceptional people radiating friendliness with a SMILE.
  • Maintain Perfect Product in the store.
  • Get stores ready to score well on the EOC
  • Attend & Participate in weekly GM meetings.
  • Report any incidents to your Director of Operations/District Manager immediately, and provide all necessary paperwork to insurance companies.
  • You must hire and staff your store to eliminate all overtime.

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Our roots date back to a single store that opened in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Mich. Since then, Domino’s has grown to become a global brand known…

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