Full-Time Lead Dishwasher for Event Rental Company job – Arrow Paper Party Rental – New London, CT

General Purpose of the Job

Cleans and sanitizes all dishroom rental equipment meeting ready-to-rent quality standards. Inspects returned dishroom equipment for damages, repairs equipment or tags and notifies supervisor of damaged or missing dishroom equipment. According to the customer contract, pulls ready-to-rent dishroom equipment and places in the correct staging area for delivery.

The Cleaning/Dishroom Technicians properly wash and stores all dishes, trays, eating utensils, cups and small equipment. Maintains the dish room and dish machine in a sanitary and efficient manner. This position will also assist with other warehouse duties as instructed by management.

A flexible schedule is mandatory to fulfill this position as hours may vary greatly both in time of day worked and the days of the week worked. Primary work is conducted inside dishroom, in all weather conditions (cold, hot, humid and steamy).

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Sets up and breaks down dish machine, including arms, screens and baskets. Cleans and polishes machine thoroughly removing any paper and hosing down interior.
  • Checks machine to be sure it is operating correctly and reports any defects immediately to management.
  • Properly washes and stores all dishes, trays, utensils, cups and small equipment for the department.
  • Checks water temperature during dishwashing operation to ensure proper temperatures.
  • Removes trash from dishroom and places in dumpster.
  • Cleans and sanitizes garbage cans and keeps clean liners in cans at all times.
  • Assists with daily and weekly dishroom cleaning duties as assigned.
  • Inspects, cleans and maintains equipment as specified by manufacturer and company procedures and quality standards.
  • Wash all returned dirty dishes, glasses, flatware and any other items related to food handling.
  • Polishes silver using burnishing machine tumbler, chemical dip, buffing wheel and hand cloth.
  • Wraps and packages equipment according to company procedures and quality standards.
  • Returns cleaned, wrapped and packaged equipment to the appropriate storage area.
  • Checks and logs returned equipment according to company procedures.
  • Separates all defective equipment, logs broken, damaged, and missing equipment and turns report into supervisor daily.
  • According to the Customer’s order, pulls and moves equipment to proper staging area for delivery.
  • Performs all standard safety checks prior to sending equipment out for delivery.
  • Keeps work area neat and orderly at all times.
  • Reports safety violations to supervisor.
  • Adheres to all company policies, procedures, rules and regulations in written or verbal form.
  • Complies with company and government safety requirements (including the correct use of Personal Protective Equipment) and other regulations.

Qualified Candidates:

– Must be able to lift and carry 75 pounds or more over significant distances

– Reliable

– Always on time

– Must be available for work 6 days a week (days off are provided but not on a set basis)

– Able to work in a team environment

– Maintain a professional appearance (un-offensive tattoos ok)

– Take pride in the finished product and have attention to detail

Required education:

High school or equivalent

To apply please submit the following via…


1.) Resume


1.) Resume

2.) ID

Showroom/Party Store at 567 Colman St, New London, CT 06320

No phone calls please.

Job Type: Full-time

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