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When I first found Hanso Recorder, my reaction was of jubilation – yes, I can easily get those oh-so-wanted soundtracks out of the games that I am addicted to. But it does much more than that. Hanso Recorder is a feature-rich, high-usage audio program that can perform almost all sound tasks with ease; converting CDs, Tapes, DVDs, Live performances, TV, Internet radio, Games, and any other sound source into audio files that can be played on various audio players. Furthermore, it can do text-to-speech conversions with natural voices.

The program is also not difficult to use. Once you have configured the settings and chosen the formats, you’re good to go. There aren’t any confusing menus here; simple buttons and sliders will do the trick.

Once your settings are in place – the sound source, recording quality, volume etc, simply hit the record button to begin. It also comes with a scheduler, which means you can record all those internet radio shows that you want without going through the hassle of logging on at that particular time and manually setting everything up. The recording time is unlimited, hence you have no restrictions on this end either.

Hanso Recorder can be set to launch (and even record) at startup. The program supports hotkeys for all the major functions, so you can get it rolling at any point in your system. Hanso’s memory benchmark rests at a steady 18.5 MB, making this software quite memory-friendly.

Overall, Hanso Recorder is a recommended software from my side. With a decent interface and rich features, this program would please any audio lover’s heart, be it professional or for personal use. It works on Windows platform, and our testing was done on Windows 7 x86.

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