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A forklift driver must have working knowledge of all warehousing operations which include but are not limited to the following: the safe and effective operation of a forklift, accurate loading and unloading of cased goods from trucks, maintaining proper inventory control, properly handling all paperwork. Must understand the production process. Must follow all department procedures and safety guidelines. Must wear safety glasses while on the forklift and in the warehouse, truck transit yard, storage and recycling/refuse areas. Must be able to rotate shifts if needed, may be required to work weekends, holidays and overtime as needed.


  • Must be able to drive all forks, squeeze lifts in proficient matter, and keep up with loading schedules and department loading goals.
  • Must do a forklift safety inspection sheet at the beginning of each shift, each day.
  • Correctly, identify all pallet tag, and warehouse tags.
  • Must make sure all products have the correct tags and identification on each load before staging.
  • Must make sure all tags are on each pallet and are correct before moving. If not sure, notify Supervisor.
  • Must be able to fill out and interpret all paperwork for shipping and receiving.
  • Identify, separate, and stage product in correct area of warehouse.
  • Assure all items are stacked correctly and stacked on pallets when requested.
  • Assure all pallets are secured with stretch wrap correctly.
  • Must check all trucks docked and locked, chocked before entering trailer.
  • Each driver before operation of a forklift will do a walk through safety inspection, fill out the proper safety sheets, and turn into Supervisor before they operate the assigned forklift.
  • Dump all waste cans in break room during or end of shift.
  • Sweep or wash down patio area each day at end of shift.
  • Keep outside perimeter and all shipping areas clean and free of trash.
  • Help as needed in other areas as directed by any Supervisor or Manager.
  • Participate in special projects.
  • Must ensure all tags are facing toward the driver while receiving or pulling from a lane. (If not notify the Supervisor and shipping.)
  • Must check that all dock-locks and dock boards are operational at the start of shift. Report to Supervisor if one is not working properly.
  • Must check and install all wheel blocks before loading any trailer.
  • Must check receiving and shipping paperwork.
  • Must be able to unload and stage all pallets in proper area as directed by Supervisor.
  • Loading trucks and their proper stacking patterns.
  • Loading trucks with proper weight distribution.
  • Perform all paper work, loading, and receiving procedures as defined in the SOP manual unless approval is received from a supervisor.
  • Able to work any shift and weekends as needed to ensure all production needs are met.
  • Perform any reasonable request by any Supervisor or Manager.
  • Must be able to assist and or fill in at Barrel Ten and Hacienda as directed by Manager.
  • Must keep the patio clean and neat at all times.
  • Must keep the pallet storage, containment areas cleaned and organized.
  • Receive all salespersons’ sample wines and put in proper area as directed by Manager.

Safety Requirements:

  • All employees must meet the required training with Hacienda and Barrel Ten’s Injury and Illness Program.
  • Report any and all accidents and unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately.
  • Comply with all general work safety rules pursuant to the Injury and Illness Program.
  • Personal protective equipment required side shield glasses, appropriate footwear and safety vest.
  • Must meet all specific forklift safety practices required by OSHA and the Company prior to hire date.
  • Physical abilities required: Able to lift up to 50 pounds occasionally, at times frequently.

Position Requirements

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