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It is true that you need to have technical/educational prowess in order to find suitable employment, but something that is even more important is the knowledge and patience necessary for a job hunt. There are many resources that can prove to be helpful if you are looking for a job, and internet can turn out to be your best guide. However, there is so much data on the web that, at times, people might be just overwhelmed by the prospect of finding that one perfect job posting from among the thousands advertised each day. That is exactly where having an app like Full-time can be a huge boost for every job searcher. This iOS app focuses on letting you find the perfect job without much effort. The app is not cluttered with too much unnecessary junk, and users can apply filters of their choice to narrow down the possibilities. Full-time lists all the details about each vacancy, and most of the suggestions are location-based, ensuring that you get the perfect match for yourself.

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The Full-time app has a graphical tutorial when you launch it for the first time. For most users, going through this tutorial might not be necessary, as the app is designed to be as simple (in every aspect) as possible. By default, Full-time displays all the job postings that are currently posted on the service (the app is powered by Authentic Jobs, and hence, the listing comes from them). However, to get the most out of the app, you have to choose your area of expertise to filter out the jobs. This can be done by tapping the top bar and going to the Full-time job selection menu. The app offers a lot of job categories, and in addition to choosing All Jobs, you can make the app show you postings related to only a specific field. The categories listed by Full-time include everything from web development to management and miscellaneous jobs. Once you have selected the relevant field, hit the blue close button to navigate back to the main screen.

Not only can you filter job categories in the app, it is also possible to signify the type of employment you are looking for. There are 4 filters that let users see Full-time, Contract, Freelance and Internship opportunities. Tapping on any job title will take you to its detailed description page, where it is possible to find salary info, prerequisites, employment perks and just about anything you can possibly wish to know about the job. Thanks to the buttons located in the bottom bar of the description page, you can email the ad to anyone, or tweet about it as well. However, the most useful option here is the Apply one, which allows users to compose a job application right from within the app. You can also view the location of the office by tapping the small button in the bottom right corner.

Full-time is an iPhone-optimized app, and available for free for a limited time. If you are searching for a job, and don’t know where exactly to look, start with the Full-time app.

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