Find Business Opportunities Near You With Unsocial For Windows Phone 7

Unsocial is a brand new addition to the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace. You can think of it as LinkedIn with location-based features. In fact, the app has deep integration with LinkedIn. You must have seen a lot of apps designed for particular conferences and academic gatherings. Unsocial strives to provide a generic platform for all such events. Using this free app, you can get alerts whenever a person from your professional network is somewhere near you. But the app isn’t just limited to that. You can also use it to discover offices and products near you. The Unsocial app provides a good way for broadcasting your thoughts regarding a particular product or business, but only to people who are located near you. This can prove to be an extremely useful feature for local businesses and small-scale products.


Unsocial is all about two things: One, it keeps you more in touch with people you already know and have added to your professional network. Two, it lets you meet new business contacts whenever you are near them. Users can choose to add smart tags for their location. Whenever a new user with similar interests will wander into that area, the previous user will be notified.

But that doesn’t mean you have to rush to meet the person head on. You can get to know them better first by sending a few messages from Unsocial’s in-app messaging service. Not only that, you can arrange to meet the person by setting it all up via the app.

Now suppose you are in a business expo, where a lot of potential clients are scattered around you. Unsocial will help to let you know which people you should really meet and where you can find them (if they have chosen to share their location). You can also get a bit of free advertisement via Unsocial by broadcasting your product’s slogan, your agenda or anything at all to all the app’s users.

So if you would like to extend your business and add some new business contacts to your favor bank, Unsocial is the way to go. Some people might argue that the service is a bit too limited, but the same could have once been said about apps like Instagram when they were first released, and all it takes is a few users in order to make such services really popular, and all the more useful.

Download Unsocial for Windows Phone

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