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The availability of internet has made it possible for us to download almost unlimited number of files, and since the size of hard disks are huge it is almost impossible to find duplicated files. Sometimes there can be 2 or 3 similar files scattered around different drives and folders. In large numbers, these duplicate files can take quite a bit of hard disk space.

If you are thinking of organizing your files or reducing the hard disk space, you should remove such duplicate files from your computer once and for all. Duplicate Cleaner is one such software that helps in removing duplicate files. It works faster than any other application out there and is 100% free.

Note: If you are a beginner, I recommend to scan all your drives except the drive where you have installed Windows. If you remove Windows files by mistake, it can corrupt your Operating System.

Select the drive or folder that you want to scan and click Add Path, then choose the type of file from File Filter which is given on the right. I recommend that you select Everything because it can save you enormous hard disk space. Once you have selected the type of file you would like to find the duplicate of, click Go. Now it will automatically start scanning, once it’s complete it will show you the summary detailing the number of files scanned, group of duplicates, and the number of files that have files of duplicates.

scancomplete Find And Remove Duplicate Files Instantly

You can select the files that you want to remove and click Remove Selected. If you want to select all duplicate files except the newest ones, click Selection Assistant, now under Select for Deleting by Group choose Select All But One File In Each Group, click Select and finally click OK.

Overall this application works surprisingly good, it scanned my whole drive within 10 seconds. You too can start killing duplicate files now!

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