Evernote For Windows Phone Gets Checklists, Note Tiles & Improved UI

Thanks to OneNote and Windows Phone’s seamless integration with SkyDrive, a lot of people didn’t think that Evernote for WP7 (and later for WP8) would gain a lot of popularity. Existing users of Evernote, however, are not likely to switch to a new service just because it has better integration with their smartphones. This has kept Evernote quite relevant for Windows Phone so far. Another contributing factor in the app’s rise to fame in the WP Store is its Modern UI and regular updates. Despite all that, a few small but important features have been missing from the app’s WP client so far. Evernote’s latest update doesn’t make it perfect, but it does bring some much-needed features to the mix. You can now pin notes to the app’s main screen, browse through tags more conveniently, view your account’s basic information in one place, and add checklists to your notes.

 Evernote 3 WP User Info Evernote 3 WP Checkbox

The ‘home’ screen of Evernote has been revamped to make certain items more accessible. There are now dedicated tiles that let you compose a note, or start with saving an attachment to your account. There are separate options for uploading an image, recording audio or shooting a photo right from the app. Another new part of the home screen is Evernote’s shortcuts section just below the four tiles. At first, this area is empty, since notes have to be pinned here manually. To create a note’s shortcut here, long-press it and choose the ‘add to shortcuts’ option.

To view your Evernote account’s status, tap the email ID shown at the top of the screen. The ‘account’ page can be used to view the storage you are currently using, and the amount that’s left. This information is provided in the form of a pie chart.

To help users access their notes more easily, Evernote now has a better tags page. Rather than manually browsing through the whole list of tags, you can simply tap any alphabet in the list and jump to a new place (just like the way adopted by the app list in Windows Phone). You can also create stacks for your notebooks, which act like folders and go a  long way in keeping an account well-organized.

The addition of the checklist option might not sound like a big change, but using checkboxes in Evernote can let you easily create to-do lists in the app. This new option shows up in the bottom bar when you are creating or editing notes.

If you are an Evernote Premium user, the app’s latest update has brought better search capabilities for you. The new ‘Document Search’ feature indexes all files you ever open with Evernote on your device, and then makes sure they are represented in your search results in the future.

Evernote’s latest update has been rolled out for both Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. You can install it for free by heading to the following link.

Download Evernote For Windows Phone

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