Electroechanical Equipment Readiness Specialist job – MacAulay-Brown, Inc. – Herndon, VA

This position supports a warehouse and O&M function for a government customer. The warehouse issues and ships, receives and stores government specialized equipment. Prior to shipment, staff prepares equipment for issue by removing it from storage, inspecting it for operability and current firmware/software as well as that data stored from previous uses has been removed, keeps the location current in the property records and prepares property transfer documents. After receipt into the warehouse, staff updates property location in property records, notifies the shipper that the equipment has been received, downloads data and clears that data from the equipment, inspects the equipment, repairs defects found or arranges for repair at another facility, returns functional equipment to inventory.

Provides Routine Maintenance Repair Services for electro-mechanical equipment, including testing for functionality, inspection for completeness, calibration if required, simple repairs using service manuals provided by the equipment supplier. Requests support from an engineer to evaluate and act on equipment beyond his or her capabilities. 3 years’ experience. Inspects and tests all equipment prior to shipment out of the facility and after received at the facility prior to it being placed in storage

Stages equipment prior to shipping for testing, inspection, configuration according to the user’s needs, property accountability actions, and government checks.

Ability to test and repair electromechanical equipment using troubleshooting and maintenance manuals.

At least three years of experience are required, including specific experience to support the knowledge areas described above

A Bachelor’s level degree in a related field is required.

TS Clearance with current or recent access to SCI is required.

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