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When you capture photos in DSLR camera, you have the choice to use RAW or JPEG file format (where the post processing is automatically done by the camera in latter format). However, many professionals opt for using RAW image, as it is a non-processed image file and there is far greater room for fine tuning and retouching the photos. RAW image file is not ready to be printed or edited, and normal image viewers cannot even open a RAW image file. Each camera manufacturer, such as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, etc, has its own variation of RAW image format. The image is loaded into a RAW converter and processed before users are able to view, edit or print it using a normal image viewer. As there are is no unified structure for RAW format, it can become difficult if your software doesn’t support it. For that very matter you can try Scarab Darkroom, which is a digital camera RAW file converter and image editor that supports a lot of cameras. The supported RAW format capable cameras include Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Samsung and Sony. Check out the complete functionality of Scarab Darkroom after the jump.

Even though the interface is quite conventional and far from fascinating, the software does have potential under the hood. The interface has the image viewer in the middle, and buttons to edit image such as Save as JPEG, Save As, Options, Delete, Rotate, Crop, Drag Mode and Zoom options appear below the image. Image previews are available at the bottom of the interface, while Directory, Adjustments and Metadata tabs are available at the right side. Navigate to the folder containing RAW images to add them to the preview pane. Select an image and click Save as JPEG button to convert and save the image in JPEG format without editing.

Select Adjustments tab from the right to access the image editing options, including Exposure, Colors, Sharpness and Tone Curve. It lets you adjust image settings such as Brightness, Contrast, Temperature, Saturation, Midtones, Shadows etc, for RAW images. There is also a RGB histogram at the bottom right edge.

Scarab adjustments

Click Options button to open the configuration console. From here, you can change settings related to File Name Prefix and Suffix, Output Size and JPEG Quality.

Scarab Options

Scarab Darkroom works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 only.

Download Scarab Darkroom

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