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The iPad’s rather large screen makes it perfect for activities like watching videos or doing some finger painting. Seeing the success Draw Something is enjoying these days among iOS users, many other doodling apps are making their way to the App Store as well. Paper is one such app, and using this beautiful app for the iPad, you can create sketches, illustrations, drawings, notes and reminders. There are many other apps which let you do that on your iOS tablet, like JotStudio and Draw Pad Pro, but Paper’s interface is its main distinguishing point. Apart from that, there is a respectable number of tools available in the app, and you can also create any number of new pages and notebooks within the app. Another area in which Paper can prove to be really useful is its easy sharing options, and the convenience it is sure to bring to your life.

The most disappointing thing about Paper is the confusingly large number of in-app purchases it offers. The eraser and simple pen tools can be used without spending anything, but if you want to use any other tool, it comes with a price tag of $1.99. Also, the colors which can be used for doodling in Paper are pretty limited in number. To get started, you will have to choose an album in which you want to make the entry. There are a few albums which are already defined in the app, but you can create an indefinite number of notebooks by tapping the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar. A delete button also exists for getting rid of excess notebooks.

Paper iPad BooksPaper allows its users to add new pages to any notebook, and you can do that by using the ‘+’ button when a notebook is opened. The sharing options in Paper can be accessed by tapping the middle button in the bottom bar, and allows publishing content to Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.

Sans the in-app purchases, Paper is a pretty decent app and can come in handy in a number of situations like scribbling quick notes or creating detailed, beautiful drawings. You can also use the app for less serious stuff, like random doodling, and sharing your artistic musings with your friends and over your social network. Paper has been recently released and is available as a free download in the App Store. You can grab it for your iPad by heading to the link provided below.

Download Paper

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