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When dealing with huge collections of your favorite comic books, you may get annoyed by sluggish performance or cluttered viewing space. In such scenarios, the excitement level is usually downplayed by such weaknesses inherent within the viewer application. Comic Seer is an easy-to-use application based on quick response features and flexible viewing panels, making it possible to organize, manage and access extensive collections of comic books in ZIP, RAR, CBZ, and CBR formats for your satisfaction. Although we have covered some amazing comic book readers, like the lightweight Jomics for Mac OS X, the format-friendly Comix for Linux and the powerful ComicRack for Windows, Comic Seer allows you to directly access eComics and browse between collections in a multi-tabbed display with preview panel according to the user complexity level for a fast yet comprehensive outlook to your imagination supporting Windows and Linux platforms.

Following the installation and execution, you will be welcomed by an organized workspace divided into three segments to ensure ease of access. The left sidebar is divided into the collection management and preview panels. You can easily create or remove collections by using the ‘+’ and ‘–‘ buttons respectively. Moreover, the libraries can be refreshed in case of any irregularities. The main workspace is reserved for accessing comic books for viewing with zoom slider (supporting up to 4X zoom), page layout settings and an overall browsing panel. The tabbed navigation panel allows you to easily manage related comics quickly for easy switching.

Comic Seer supports an extensive list of hotkeys based on Key & Mouse Commands accessible by scrolling down the welcome (help) screen. These hotkeys are sure to make your life easy and navigation quick.

Comic Seer Desktop Shortcut keys

If the user interface doesn’t appeal to your taste, it’s time to click Options, on the toolbar for modifying the default page and view state, background and other page-related settings.

ComicSeer Options

Apparently, the application may look simple, but when viewed closer, it reveals all functionalities needed for a fantastic journey. For example, by activating the browse pages button on the top left corner of the main window, you can sift through a new easy-viewing panel on the right sidebar.

Comic Seer Desktop Mode

Multiple tab buttons can be selected to give an overall workspace equipped with frequently used features. The illustration below shows collection management, preview pane, multi-tabs, main view and browsing sidebar exposed for an enhanced experience. The toolbar can be collapsed or expanded as per the requirements.

Comic Seer Desktop Complete view

Comic Seer may not stand tall against its competitors, but its simplicity promises to appeal to all types of comic readers. We tested this utility on Windows 7, 64-bit edition. It supports Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Download Comic Seer

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