Download Reminder Displays Alerts On App Download Completion [Cydia]

There are many apps in the iOS App Store that are less than 10Mb in download size, but most of the latest games, and even a few apps, cross the 100Mb mark. It isn’t much of an issue if you rely on iTunes desktop client for downloading apps to your iPhone, but if you use the App Store client on your iDevice, things tend to get a bit hectic. iOS doesn’t have any way of notifying users at the time of a download’s completion, and you might have to come back to your iDevice’s Springboard repeatedly in order to check if the download has finished. The issue becomes even more acute if you are using your mobile data connection, rather than Wi-Fi, as the connection might be interrupted at any time, halting your download without warning. So, what can you do to ensure that when a download is initiated, you can passively track it, without thinking too much about it. There is a solution to this problem available in the Cydia store. Download Reminder is a jailbreak tweak that displays a notification as soon as an app gets downloaded and installed successfully.

 Download Reminder Notification

Download Reminder is available as a free download in the ModMyi repo of the Cydia store. Once you have installed the tweak to your iDevice, it will spring into action of its own accord, as there is no Settings menu to go with it. After you have installed Download Reminder, you can start any App Store download on your iPhone, and forget all about it. The tweak will display an App Downloaded alert as soon as the download is complete. It’s a good thing that the tweak makes use of the alert style of notifications, rather than banners, because an alert is impossible to miss, and even if you pick up your phone a long time after the download’s completion, the alert will still be there, waiting for you to manually dismiss it.

If iOS’ quiet way of installing apps has always annoyed you, you should definitely give Download Reminder a try. The only area in which the tweak can use some improvement is if the developer also adds the option to enable notifications if the download gets paused or fails for some reason. Currently, Download Reminder only solves half of the issue, by notifying you of finished downloads, but ignores the issue of unfinished app downloads.

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