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Tutorle is a free Windows Phone 7 app that allows you to create your own dictionary of foreign language, technical and/or custom terms. The app also has its own online repository of downloadable dictionaries organized under various categories.


You can start adding your own articles to the app, or download terms from its online repository. There are repositories for Geography, Music, Language (native) and Language (foreign). When you tap on any of these categories, you get a list of dictionaries stored under them with the number of contained articles/terms displayed beside each.

If you tap the Dictionaries option, you can add a new dictionary entering its Title, Category, From Language, To Language and Caption 1, Caption 2 and Description. You can also upload the dictionaries that you have created to the Online Repository of Tutorle.

The Training section displays four options to test yourself, namely Current Dictionary, Flash Cards, Test (Options) and Test (Spellings). Flash Cards shows you words form the current dictionary, one by one. Test (Options) provides you with four options for identifying the meaning of each word while Test (Spellings) displays the meaning of a word and asks you to type it.

choosing repository  test options

There is an additional Country-capital option in the Training section that quizzes you about a country’s capital or presents you with a capital and asks you to identify the country, depending on whether you have chosen the Reverse mode or Shuffle option. In both cases, you are provided with four answers to choose from.

The app is available for free on the Windows Phone Marketplace. It is a great tool for building your vocabulary, teaching your kids or making a special collection of the lingo that you have coined with friends and family.

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