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If your computer’s mouse deserts you, leaving you helpless, don’t despair. DeadMouse is a fun way to ditch your mouse and survive against the tide of information coming your way through the system. It is a unique Chrome extension that enables you to type any keyword you wish to explore. In actual, it detects the typed keyword and searches it on the active webpage in Google Chrome. As soon as a match occurs, the respective link text starts wiggling. Press Enter and you’re good to go. Using this simple yet modern approach, you can survive online (independent of your mouse or touchpad) controlling the flow of information via your keyboard. With powerful features like fuzzy-matching on link text, Shift+Enter hotkey to open a new tab, tab-cycle in case of multiple matching and accessing links just by typing etc., life without a mouse seems to be much more fun than ever before.

DeadMouse is a Chrome extension available, free of cost. It tracks your activity online and then uses that information to make life easier for you. If it doesn’t work, try restarting Google Chrome and in case of failure, go to the Extensions option in the Tools menu of the browser to enable the app. Consider yourself in a situation where the system mouse is not working, DeadMouse presents a quick solution. Moreover, this particular app is useful in a multi-monitor setup where you require instant access to an active window.

Once the webpage loads, type a keyword (for example, ‘Beijing’, in the context of the snapshot below) and the relevant link with the specific text starts to wiggle. If you were just testing and now, want to really access a link, start typing again to wiggle the relevant link. As soon as you press ‘Enter’, the link will open in the same window. To open the respective link in a new tab, use the Shift+Enter key combination. Press backspace to erase a virtual result and begin typing again. Pressing Space from the keyboard results in the usual page down action. If the app is unable to find a keyword, it cleans the entered letters from its memory paving the way for a new search. Moreover, you can easily tab-cycle through multiple search results.

DeadMouse Navigate

This Chrome app is sure to attract your attention enabling you to enjoy in the short-term. On the other hand, a few glitches have been noted especially due to the absence of an enable/disable hotkey feature and malfunction in case of video streaming or within a text area.

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