Disable Uploads & Downloads In iOS Photo Stream & Exclude Screenshots

Since the initial, post-release confusion cleared up, iCloud and Photo Stream have proved to be really useful for iOS users. With the arrival of iOS 6, both these features have become even better than before, and if you own multiple iDevices, this automatic media syncing can save you a lot of time and effort. Having said that, Photo Stream still comes under a lot of criticism from some users, since it does not give them total control over sharing. iControlPhoto, as the name implies, lets you configure your Photo Stream to act just the way you want. If you are just looking to download photos from other devices as soon as they become available but are wary of automatic uploads from your end, this tweak can help. iControlPhoto can also make Photo Stream avoid uploading screenshots automatically, which is a feature a lot of users are going to appreciate.

 iControlPhoto iOS Toggles

iControlPhoto adds an entry of its own in the stock Settings app, and you have to configure everything about the tweak from this menu. Since it has been made by a Chinese developer, the tweak’s menu contains option names and instructions in both English and Chinese. Fortunately, nothing is missing in the English text, so you can use the tweak conveniently. The top half of the menu lists instructions regarding iControlPhoto, and tells its users everything they can do with their Photo Stream. The toggles are located towards the bottom.

The ‘MainSwitch’ enables or disables the tweak completely, while the toggles listed under ‘SubSwitch’ perform the functions advertised by iControlPhoto. If ‘Upload’ is disabled, no images are shared over Photo Stream unless you manually push them. For those concerned for storage space on their iPhone, the ‘Download’ toggle can come in handy, as it gives users the chance of manually selecting the photos they are interested in, while ignoring the irrelevant ones.

Even if you are satisfied with Photo Stream’s real-time automatic syncing and don’t want to change it, the ‘Screenshot’ option might tempt you to give iControlPhoto a try. Thanks to this toggle, users can make Photo Stream filter out screenshots from the uploading process. Of course, this function is only required if you keep the Upload toggle in the ‘On’ position.

iControlPhoto costs $2, but if you are a regular yet unsatisfied user of Photo Stream, the investment can be completely worthwhile. The tweak is available in the BigBoss repo of the Cydia store, and works with both iOS 5 and iOS 6.

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