Devops job – Systems Technology Group – Dearborn, MI


Position Description:
A DevOps Engineer is a passionate power contributor who blends solid scripting skills with proven automation tool suite experience. Working closely with developers in a .DevOps. model, the role of the engineer is to not only keep the systems running 24×7, but also to assist in instrumentation and monitoring, capacity planning, and deployment automation.

The DevOps Engineer works closely with the Development and Operations teams to automate, implement, administer, and maintain build, deployment and monitoring systems. You will also have an opportunity to work with multiple vendor technologies and various SaaS and enterprise cloud management tools/products. This assignment will involve enterprise end to end architecture, design, and development of new processes (i.e. CI/CD) integrated with new tools.

Duties: – Collaborating with other DevOps engineers to maintain a deployment and management strategy – Assisting with creating and maintaining an automation and monitoring framework – Developing automation using Shell scripting, Linux, Chef, etc – Creating and implementing application monitoring and logging strategies using tools like New Relic, DynaTrace and Splunk – Executing deployment strategies and automation for cloud native applications – Building and maintaining infrastructure in a cloud environment like Azure, AWS or private cloud on V-Sphere – Assisting with building tools and services from scratch to fill the existing technology gaps – Working with a variety of automated builds, continuous integration, continuous deployment and test automation frameworks – Troubleshooting application integration issues with Development teams – Gathering requirements and facilitating infrastructure changes like FW rules, DNS, and load-balancers – Understanding best practices for code promotion across the various environments (i.e. builds, approvals, release) – Ensuring that code quality tools are run on all software prior to release

Experience Required:
Qualifications: – Bachelors Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Technology, related degree or equivalent years of experience –

Minimum of 3 years of continuous integration and continuous deployment experience – Minimum of 3 years of experience coding sets of deployment specifications – Minimum of 3 years of experience writing comprehensive shell scripts –

Experience with build and deployment automation technologies – Proven experience and strong knowledge of deployment strategies and automation for cloud native applications – Demonstrated experience with automated build pipeline, continuous integration, and continuous deployment and test automation frameworks with tools such as Git, Jenkins, and Selenium, Xebia, Chef –

Strong knowledge and understanding of SDLC and Agile/Iterative practices – Awareness of industry trends such as challenges and best practices – Attitude and ability to take ownership and deliver on time with high quality – Ability to solve problems using a software development mindset – Passion for, awareness of, and the ability to manage business and technology solutions – Communication that is articulate, clear and concise in regular conversation with your team and the wider stakeholder groups. – Attention to detail and focused on the little things that make a difference – A sharp delivery focus; pragmatic and driven to get solutions live – A proactive attitude that shows you are a self-starter who seeks out opportunities for yourself and your team. – A positive attitude generating enthusiasm among team members

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