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With the multitude of free RSS readers available, both desktop clients and web-based, it is hard to find one that stands out of the crowd. Yet GreatNews accomplishes this feat by offering a unique feature set, powerful syndication, support for wide variety of RSS formats, easy viewing and much more. To add more value, it is even portable.

GreatNews displays full pages or news articles across RSS feeds, with a two-paned interface that has been optimized for fast reading, thus enabling the reader to fast skim through pages in seconds and find material of interest.

The software allows categorization of feeds into folders, and supports label addition. Furthermore, it automatically highlights important news based on interest, making sure you don’t miss out anything of interest. GreatNews also brings keyword support, channel selection and color customization for easy viewing. It also supports import and export of feeds from OPML/XML files.

The feed addition mechanism is really powerful, where you can simply add a website’s URL if you don’t know the actual feed link. This tool will scan the website and find all RSS feeds available, and add them.


Another neat feature is that GreatNews stores all favorite articles locally, so that you can access them even without internet connectivity or when the site goes down or gets updated. Labeling feature allows easy retrieval of articles at a later time.

The software offers a wide set of options to customize the look and behavior as per the user’s liking. These are divided into General, Reading, Usability, Features, and Connection.


GreatNews works with Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and 7. We tested it with Windows 7 32-bit OS and it worked like a charm.

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