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Browsizer allows you to switch between different window sizes and positions through the toolbar. If you like to have your web browser at a certain size for certain tasks, then this add-on can be quite useful.  By default, this Firefox add-on has three preconfigured dimensions, viz., 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768. These can either be deleted, or you can add new ones. The add-on is fully customizable, and the dimensions are displayed right next to the address bar. Simply right-click the dimension in the toolbar to access all other dimensions in a tiny pop-up, select one, and the browser window will instantly switch to the selected size.

After installing the add-on, you will notice that the current dimensions are displayed in the toolbar. If you drag your browser window in order to increase or decrease the size, the dimensions in the toolbar change accordingly. The window can be restored to any size you’ve set by simply right-clicking to access the different dimensions, and selecting a size to switch to. This feature can be quite useful especially when you want your window to be of a particular size. Moreover, click the Save current setting option to save the dimensions and position of the current window. So, whenever you launch Firefox again, the window will be displayed in the same size.

The Browsizer Options allow you to add new geometries and enable the Hide statusbar item option. Select a dimension and click delete to remove it from the list, or simply enter new values for the Width, Height, posX, posY, and hit the Add button. The new dimension will instantly be added to the list and to the pop-up menu. Once done, click Ok and you’re good to go.

Browsizer Options

Browsizer gives you the ability to fully customize window size and switch to different sizes with only a click or two, so visit the link below and install the add-on.

Install Browsizer Add-On For Firefox

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