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Even if you have to buy a simple bottle of ketchup, there are so many options available in the market that anyone can get confused. There are a lot of apps in the iOS App Store that are designed to help users get the best items when they are out shopping. Some apps might be able to help you by pointing out the latest deals available for various products, but nothing is better than getting a real person’s opinion while shopping. This is exactly what Consmr Barcode Scanner does for its users. With this iPhone app, you will be able to scan the QR code or barcode of any product, and view its customer reviews, ratings, available alternatives and even the places where the item is easily available!

 Consmr Categories

The main Search page of the Consmr app lists all the product categories that are usually of interest to common users. You can look through the most popular grocery items, find trending beauty products and search for just about any product imaginable. The app can prove to be more productive if you choose to create a Consmr account. This can be done via your email address, or by linking your Facebook account with the app. Doing so will allow you to view deals suggested by your friends and other contacts.

Consmr Discover Consmr Product Page

The Discover section of the app lists all the product reviews from popular and trusted users. This can be a great place for finding products that are highly recommended and currently popular among consumers. You can browse the section in Global mode (location based) or Expert mode (lists top-rated products). Any item you come across while using the app has got its own dedicated product page. This page shows the item’s rating, user reviews and alternatives. To check the product’s availability in your area, go to the Nearby tab. To add an item to your shopping list, just hit the small button in the top-right corner of its product page.

Consmr Scan Consmr Results

The Scan menu in Consmr can be used to analyze QR codes and barcodes. If the product is listed in the app’s database (most are), you will be taken straight to its page. Alternatively, you may use the search menu to find products that perfectly match a certain requirement.

Consmr is available for free, US-specific and currently optimized for iPhone (or iPod touch) only. You can grab the app from the App Store link provided below.

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