Create Your Own Charles Schulz Inspired Peanuts Character

The Peanuts comic strip, the movies, and Snoopy are some of the most cherished parts of our childhood. Come November, the new Peanuts movie will be hitting theaters and as part of the marketing for the movie, the makers have developed a free little tool called Peanutize Me. It lets you create your very own Peanuts inspired character that you can save and use as either a display picture or a wallpaper. Your character will be accompanied by both Snoopy and Woodstock and you’re free to customize it down to the kind of shoes its wearing.

Visit Peanutize Me to start creating your avatar. You can create multiple characters however, you cannot download them without Snoopy and Woodstock accompanying you in the final image.

You start by selecting the gender of your character, and then proceed to customizing features like skin tone, hair color, eyes, and what kind of smile it will have. Then follows the character’s wardrobe that features normal kid attire with a few customizable color options. If you feel like being lazy and just going with whatever you have once you’ve customized the basic facial features (and selected the correct gender), click the Finish button at the top right, just below the Menu button that is Snoopy’s dog house.

Peanuts Character

You can click the Finish button any time you’re done with customizing. The Finish screen lets you download the image as either a wallpaper or a display picture. The image is saved in JPEG format.

Visit Peanutize Me

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