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Hollywood studio giants use various audio tools and a bunch of different techniques to create high quality sound effects to use in movies, games and other video production projects. Well, opting for such quality definitely can’t be achieved without the use of high-end equipment and top of the line software, but if you require to create some top-notch sound effects, without having to empty your wallet over professional software, then look no further than LabChirp. It’s a free Windows utility for creating sound effects for movies, music or video games. It comes packed with several sound presets and allows you to create your own as well. You can work with multiple channels, specifying the waveform and adjusting the amplitude, frequency/volume modulation for each, to quickly and easily generate the required audio effect. With its extensive set of features and simple GUI, the tool can prove to be quite handy for amateur movie makers, composers and game developers.

LabChirp lets you generate sounds for up to 8 different audio channels so there’s quite a lot of flexibility. You can select the audio channel that you want to use, from the right side of the window. Moreover, it allows you to copy and move sounds among the channels by simply using the Copy Channel No. to option. For each sound effect, you can set its Main wave, Frequency modulation and Volume modulation by using their corresponding sliders. Furthermore, you may change a sound’s Length and Delay time by inputting the appropriate value in terms of seconds. Under Custom wave: Volume modulation section, you can control the sound arrangements by adding and removing the waves. Clicking Quality on the menu bar enables you to select output bitrate in hertz (Hz). Finally, you can click Play to listen to your sound effects before saving them in WAV format.

It includes a number of commonly used sound presets. Click Randomizer on the main window to open the randomizer console. Here, you can save, as well as, use some of the presets that include Base drum, Explosion, Footstep, Menu, Jump, Powerup, Share and more. Randomizer console also lets you set various sound parameters and values under Main, Waveforms and Envelopes tabs. When you have selected the preset, you can click Randomize! to cycle through its random sound effects.


The tool works on both 32-bit and 64-bit OS editions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, while we tested it on Windows 7, 64bit.

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