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Events might not be the most popular feature of Facebook, but they can certainly bring a lot of convenience to your life, as they provide a way of simultaneously inviting and managing your guests. There are two kinds of events on Facebook, private and public. Public events can be a lot of fun, but the problem with them is that you won’t know of their existence unless someone sends you an invitation, or you search for them specifically on the popular social network. That’s where CalendApp comes into the scene. This iPhone app lets users search for events in their area, or in any other city. You can also use CalendApp to promote your own events, and the app provides a nice way of keeping in touch with your friends’ latest activities.

 CalendApp Events CalendApp Event Details

If you choose to skip connecting your Facebook account with CalendApp, the app will still be useful for searching public events. By accessing your current location, CalendApp shows nearby events on the main map. If you want, it is also possible to search for public events in some other city, thanks to the Search menu. The events displayed by CalendApp are not just from Facebook, but can also originate from other users directly. Each event displayed by CalendApp has a map attached to it, showing the location where the gathering is planned to take place. There is also a short description, along with the genre of event.

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The real fun begins when you connect your Facebook account with CalendApp. You can invite your friends if you want to, although that is not a compulsory step. The app neatly arranges all the imported Facebook data in the Facebook Events section. Here, all your friends are listed, and you can view their events individually if you want to. This section can also prove to be of use if you want to quickly invite a lot of people to a new event. Creating an event using CalendApp is simple. Just tap Add Event, snap a photo to associate with the invite, and you are good to go. You may also want to specify a few details about the gathering.

CalendApp Feed CalendApp Friend Event CalendApp Event Response

The best thing about CalendApp is the fact that you can immediately join an event that is in the feeds of a friend of yours. Not only that, the app has a separate feed that focuses exclusively on Facebook events, and will notify you as soon as there is some change in one of your followed events, or a user you are following creates a new event. You can follow locations in a similar manner as well.

CalendApp is an iPhone/iPod touch optimized app, and you can grab it for free from the link given below.

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