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You know that most, if not all, site store cookies. What you might not know is that you can manage every single one of them any way you like. The reason you don’t is because it isn’t the easiest thing to do and no one can really be bothered with checking out which cookies each site saves. Cookie Monster is a Firefox extension that lets you micro manage cookies all from the add-on bar. It lets you control site wide and domain wide cookies, allow them temporarily for the current session and see at a glance which site is storing cookies and which cookies each site is storing.

The extension gives you access to Firefox’s cookie options; click the icon and select Show Cookie Exceptions to access the Firefox cookie menu. To view which site is storing third party cookies, click Third Party Cookies.

While Firefox lets you view all cookies, it doesn’t let you search for them site wise, this extension provides that functionality. To view all cookies for the current site, click the extension button and select Show Cookies for . Select Show Cookies For All Sites to search cookies from any site.

Cookies search

You can quickly set permission for a site from the extension. When permissions for a site have not been set, the default icon, a C and M, appear in the add-on bar. For sites that have been restricted from saving cookies, the icon turns in to a Devil Smiley, for sites that have been allowed to always save cookies, the icon turns in to a smiley with a halo. For sites that have been granted permission to save cookies for the current session only, the icon turns in to a smiley wearing sunglasses.

cookie monster rejectcookie monster allow

All permissions can be set by clicking the extension’s icon, they can be revoked or granted at any time. This extension and post is brought to you by the letter C.

Install Cookie Monster Extension For Firefox

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