Converter, Stopwatch, Ruler And Other Utilities For WP7

A smartphone might be intelligent and convenient, but sometimes, to perform the simplest (read dumb-phone) functions on it, you need third-party apps. For example, in a common Nokia non-smartphone, you will find a Stopwatch, unit converter and other handy apps built into the phone. Cool Tools is a free Windows Phone Mango app that combines all such small tools into one. Read on to find out why you would want this handy little app on your Windows Phone 7.

Cool Tools Countdown Timer

Following is the list of features offered by Cool Tools. All the tools run under lock screen and even when you have quit the app, thanks to Mango’s newly introduced multitasking.

Stopwatch and Countdown Timer

The stopwatch saves the time last recorded within the app. Just tap the play button and it will start running, hit pause and the pausing time will be saved in small letters below the main reading.

Cool Tools FlashlightCool Tools Ruler

Flashlight, Rulers & Accelerometer

The flashlight is a bit of a disappointment as it is only screen based and does not make use of the camera LED. The ruler has to be calibrated before first use, and from then on, provides a pretty accurate way of measuring smallish objects. Accelerometer gives you an exact idea of your device’s dimensional orientation.

Cool Tools SoundcheckCool Tools Converter

Unit Converter & Sound Check

The sound check screen lets you get an idea of audio output from your device. You can check out how music or ringtones would sound and adjust the volume accordingly. The app also offers a Unit conversion tool, which includes just about all commonly used physical entities.

Download Cool Tools

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