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If you’re one of those people who often use different courier services to track shipments, then you might have an idea about the sophistications involved in the whole process. It’s surely quite tedious to log on to different sites in order to track your mails or parcels via the tracking numbers. What’s more, you must need to keep the tracking numbers safe someplace. To cope with this problem, you can use this real-time shipment monitoring software labeled as TrackCheker. It provides a convenient solution to monitor your consignments, especially if you do a lot of buying and selling on the internet, such as on Ebay or Amazon. The application tracks the status of your added items and presents all the related information at one place, saving you the time of logging onto different sites. It offers a simple and user-friendly interface, which lets you easily monitor the current status of shipments from more than 170 postal and courier services.

It enables you to create your shipments database that includes the item’s Description, Data, Extended Info and Comment that you want add regarding your items. The neatly designed UI houses all navigation buttons on the toolbar.

Adding new Tracks or Groups is easy as a pie. In order to enter a new tracking data, click the Add button followed by Add Track to open track data entry window. Under Track properties, you need to specify all the related information like Track number, Description, Comment and tracking URL Link. Additionally, you can also enable Delivered and Ignore finalized options. Clicking Next takes you to Service step.


Here, you can choose your preferred courier service, and as mentioned earlier, there are a lot of courier services included in this app such as the popular DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. Just mark your desired service and click Done to add your track to the database. Once added, the application starts monitoring your mail, parcel or whatever should you have added to the it. Whats more, you can click Update Selected Tracks or Update All Tracks to check the current tracking status.

Courier Service

Clicking Tools => Options on the menu bar opens the application’s configuration window, which contains various options divided among General, Tracks and events, Visual, Data, Tree, Connection and Services categories.


TrackChecker is a highly useful application that aids its users in tracking their mails and shipments via international postal and courier services. The utility works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. We tested it on Windows 7, 64-bit OS.

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