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Grooveshark web app comes with some useful track and playlist navigation controls, but unfortunately you cannot control it from outside the browser window or tab using global shortcut keys. This drawback compels users to manually switch to Grooveshark window or tab each time to use the supported global shortcut keys.

Sharkear is a desktop client of Grooveshark web interface that fully supports global hotkeys, i.e playlist and track navigation, seek back and forward and playback. With Sharkear, just use the global hotkeys to perform the associated function, even when it is minimized. Sharkear doesn’t add anything to the user interface of Grooveshark except a menu bar at top to change default Grooveshark URL and view global hotkey combinations. Apparently, it uses Internet Explorer user agent to access Grooveshark API, therefore you need to make sure that Adobe Flash is installed with Internet Explorer. If it fails to detect Adobe Flash, it will prompt to install Flash plugin to access Grooveshark.

You can view global hotkey combinations from Settings –> Global Hotkeys. If you want to change the predefined hotkey combination, just select the function key field and press the key you want to replace with. For instance, if you need to change Play/Pause hotkey combination, select Home key field and press the required key, let’s say, P on keyboard to replace the default Ctrl+Alt+Home with Ctrl+Alt+P shortcut key.

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Other notable aspects of Sharkear are auto-removal of memory cache and artist – song title on window title bar. Although Sharkear doesn’t add many features to Grooveshark, the global hotkey access feature to access various Grooveshark functions makes it quit handy. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7, provided you have Adobe Flash for Internet Explorer installed.

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