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If you love to organize your favorite web content in one place, then you might’ve heard about Bundlr, an online service that allows you to organize web content in one place for easy access. It was basically developed to help users select relevant multimedia content and share it with friends and colleagues. Bundle This! is a Chrome extension that helps you create bundles and share web content using Bundlr. You need to have an account with the service. An account can be created using your Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus account. You need to log in to the service before the extension will start responding, or so it seems as per our tests.

Once you’ve created the account, click the extension button and sign in again. You probably won’t have to enter your credentials again if you’re already signed in to the service in a separate tab. To start saving content, you need to first create a bundle. A Bundle is a group of the links/content you’ve saved. Click the plus sign and enter a name and description for the bundle. From the dropdown menu, choose a category and hit Enter.


Once you’re done creating bundles, click the respective button for it, select a category and clip images or links from your desired webpage. You will notice that a Clip image option is added to each image on the website, and you can save the URL of the website by clicking the Clip Link button in the pop-up menu.

clip image

Similarly, you can clip content all other websites and add images to your Bundles. Moreover, you can click the social media buttons to share your collection on Facebook and Twitter. To access all your content, click your username displayed at the top of the pop-up to open your Bundlr account.


Bundle This! certainly provides an easy solution to clip links, images, and create bundles in Bundlr account. The extension is somewhat glitchy in that the popup for clipping items doesn’t always pop up immediately. What seems somewhat strange is that you have to sign in to the service separately before you can sign in to the extension. While you can sign out of the service, you can’t sign out of the extension. The extension can’t be used independently from the service because, while it is instrumental in saving links, you will have to visit the website in order to view and access the clips you’ve saved. You can install the extension from the link below.

Install Bundle This! For Google Chrome

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