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If you use more than one browser, then you are less likely to keep your cache clear. Even people who only use one browser often do not clear caches, and some don’t even know how. For Mac users, there is an easy way; MacCleaning is a Mac app that cleans files in your cache and allows you to monitor disk space from the system menu bar. Additionally, the app also allows you to unmount disks. Using this app, you can quickly clean system and user caches, logs and the trash can. The app can be set to start when you boot your system, and will warn you when you have less than 10% of free disk space left.

Once installed, the app will add a small bar to the system menu bar, indicating free disk space. Clicking the app opens a panel that allows you to see details of disk images mounted, and internal and external memory available. From the panel, you can perform a quick clean of all files, or you can visit the app’s preferences and choose which files you want to clear.

Once files have been deleted, you will get a desktop notification, telling you how many files have been removed, and the amount of disk space recovered.

Screen Shot 2011-12-07 at 3.54.56 PM

To unmount a disk image or an external storage device, click the unmount icon next to the image/device, and the app will unmount/eject it. A desktop notification will confirm when the device/ image has been removed.

The app differentiates between system and user cache and logs. By default, it will clear both; however, you can disable cleaning either from preferences. Deleting items from the trash can is disabled by default, as is deleting items from the download folder. The app supports auto deleting for both, should you choose to enable it.

MacCleaning preferences

MacCleaning has a pro version, too, which allows you to unmount multiple disks at once, and set any level for warning when disk memory runs low. Other than these, the free version is fully functional in its own right.

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