Chief, Utility Budget & Contract Management job – NYC HOUSING AUTHORITY – Manhattan, NY

1. Coordinate special projects and initiatives within the Energy division by managing activities across one or more units, leveraging staff and consultants to achieve stated goals.

2. Track and assess energy and water consumption across the entire portfolio of buildings.

3. Provide presentations and metrics to internal stakeholders to provide annual statistical and financial data that would demonstrate energy efficiency.

4. Assist in the preparation and coordination of reviews and analysis of HUD regulated energy efficient guidelines.

5. Through Portfolio Manager participate in the benchmarking of NYCHA’s utilities. Generate custom reports to help better analyze data, and create charts and graphics to communicate results

with stakeholders.

6. Work directly with contracted consultants to regulate and monitor utilities (consumption and costs).

7. Track the achievements of energy efficient milestones through audit, invoice payments, analysis, and other technical requirements.

8. Make recommendations to executive management to optimize energy efficient strategies and performances.

9. Using the flat rate comparison tool (MY DEP Account), analyze metered consumption and make informed decisions as to which option (metered billing vs. flat rate charges) is best for each building. Work closely with DEP.

Minimum Qual Requirements

1. A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college and four years of full-time, satisfactory professional, technical or administrative experience in one or more of the following fields: program evaluation, contract negotiations/management, business or public administration, contract community relations, or related fields; at least eighteen months must have been in an administrative, managerial or executive capacity, or supervising professional personnel performing work in program evaluation, contract negotiation/management, business or public administration; or

2. A four year high school diploma, or its equivalent, and six years of full-time, professional, technical or administrative work experience in one or more of the fields cited above; at least eighteen months must have been in an administrative, managerial or executive capacity, or supervising professional personnel as described in “1” above; or

3. A satisfactory equivalent of education and experience as cited above. However, all candidates must have the eighteen months of administrative, managerial or executive experience or experience supervising professional personnel as described in “1” above.

Preferred Skills

1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

2. Proven ability to coordinate multidisciplinary teams and multiple organizations.

3. Firm understanding of principles in quantitative analysis techniques.

4. Familiarity with Excel, Access, and UMIS database.

5. Basic Knowledge of utilities and energy recording.

6. Familiarity with HUD and LL84.

7. Ability to work with large quantities of data – and extract and analyze relevant data to come to a resolution of the issue at hand.

8. Ability to present utility data in a meaningful way so that senior management can make executive decisions.

Additional Information

NYCHA employees applying for promotional, title or level change opportunities must have served a period of one year in their current title and level (if applicable).

To Apply

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Residency Requirement

NYCHA has no residency requirements.

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