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Customization is usually the main objective behind jailbreaking an iOS device. The Cydia store is full of themes, tweaks and apps which let users change even the most insignificant areas of an iPhone. This is a good thing because there are millions of iPhone users all over the world, and only through customization it is possible to make your iDevice stand out amongst the crowd. In customization, no area has been left behind, and there’s a huge variety of lockscreen mods for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad on the Cydia store. Furthermore, now it is possible to thoroughly customize the slider on the lockscreen, using the Cydia tweak named SliderWidth. The tweak will let you change the width and text of the slider, and you can also tinker with the camera button on the lockscreen. Read on to find out what more can be done if you have SliderWidth on your iPhone.

 SliderWidth Text Settings SliderWidth iOS Lockscreen

One of the good things about SliderWidth is the fact that, unlike most Cydia tweaks these days, it is designed to deal with both the iPhone and iPad separately. The first option in the menu of SliderWidth is to let users adjust the width of the slider. A similar option exists for iPad just below the first one. To change the size of the slider, hit the enable button, and then resize using the slider below it. The higher the number on the slider, the smaller it gets in length. You can see the effect the changes have on the lockscreen without having to respring your iPhone. It is not advisable to touch the iPad option on iPhone or iPod touch, and vice versa.

In addition to width adjustment options, the tweak also has buttons to let you alter the lock slider text, Doing so requires you to hit the enable toggle for it and enter the text in the box below it. Make sure that the text matches the dimensions of the slider, otherwise it will be cutoff, or appear outside the slider area. Alternatively, it is possible to abandon the slider text altogether, and replace it with a shining Apple logo. Please note that the logo and text cannot be used simultaneously. The camera button options in SliderWidth allow users to remove the camera button from the lockscreen altogether, or use the iOS 5.1 button on an older version of iOS. This feature won’t work properly if you have Camera Grabber (review here) installed on your device, so it is better to disable it before you use SliderWidth.

SliderWidth is available in the ModMyi repo as a free download.

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