Capture & Catalog Parts Of Websites As Clippings [Chrome]

Rather then copying or downloading images, text, links and other content manually when browsing, you’re better off with Clipular, a Chrome extension that lets you pick tools such as scissors, camera and a clipboard so you can cut and paste the web in a new, fast and elegant way. You can use Clipular to collect and bookmark anything, such as a specific comments, photos, paragraphs from an article, or a screenshot of the entire webpage, for later viewing. Clipular lets you pick your scissors, camera and clipboard with a click, just like how you reach for those on your desk. Once you’ve clipped a part of a page or taken a screenshot, the clippings are saved and displayed with auto-generated titles and source links. You can then click these source links and view content at a later time. Moreover, quick notes and tags can be added to each clip, without any pop-ups or interruptions. Note that all links are encrypted for security and privacy.

To create a clip, browse to a website of your choice and click the button in the toolbar. You will find three basic options in the pop-up, Scissors, Camera and a Clipboard.

You can even select the Clipular option from the right-click context menu or use the Alt+C keyboard shortcut to access your scissors. Select an area, drag your mouse and let go to take a screenshot. That’s how simple it is!


All your clippings can be accessed from the clipboard, which basically is the Clipular web app. Click the three tiny dots located at the bottom right corner of images to access multiple options for each, such as Click to add tags, Click to add notes, Copy image url and Remove this clip.

Clipular! Your Instant Scissors for the Web

Clipular is an instant camera for the web that can alleviate your problem of bookmarking less important yet noteworthy items. It lets you view your favorite content in an interesting way, without cluttering your bookmarks bar or folders.

Install Clipular For Google Chrome

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