Can’t Receive Messages After Switching From iPhone To Android? Now There’s An Official Fix From Apple

Apple is known to poach Android users, and when someone decides to switch from an iPhone to an Android phone people are more than just curious as to why anyone would make a decision like that. Whatever the reason to switch may be, anyone who previously went from an iOS device to an Android device or Windows Phone would have experienced a delay or a complete failure to receive messages sent by iPhone using friends. Try as one might, they just couldn’t get iMessages or even regular texts to find their way to the new Android phone. This happens when you don’t disconnect iMessages from your  phone number. You may have removed your Apple ID from a device but iMessages is a service that must be turned off and simply removing your Apple ID from a device just doesn’t cut it. Unfortunately, not a lot of people will know this until it is too late. This very issue got a significant amount of attention in the blogsphere earlier this year, and Apple has just released a tool to let you deactivate iMessages from any browser using your Apple ID.

If you still have your iOS device, all you need to do is go to the Settings app, tap the Messages app’s preference and turn iMessages off. The app released by Apple is intended for when you are no longer in possession of an iDevice but your phone number is still locked to the service.

To turn iMessages off when you no longer have an iOS device, visit the Deregister iMessages page (linked below) and enter your phone number. Click Send Code and wait for a code to arrive on whichever mobile device you’re using. When you receive the code, enter it in the confirmation field and click ‘Submit’.


This problem usually arises because many of us assume that removing our Apple ID from a device also turns off all services configured to it when that is not the case. Think of it like this; suppose you added your Gmail email account to the Mail app on your iPhone and later, you sign out of it. Your Gmail account still exists, it just can’t be operated on that particular iPhone unless you configure it again. iMessages is a service just like Gmail where you may remove your account from the device but the service continues to run unless it is turned off.

Deregister iMessages 

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