C.N.A. – Certified Nursing Assistant job – Masonic Villages – Lafayette Hill, PA

Perform various resident care activities and related non-professional nursing services. Experience/Knowledge Requirements: 1. High School graduate or equivalent required. 2.

Must possess a Pennsylvania Nursing Assistant Certification. 3. Must have a minimum of one year experience in a skilled nursing care facility Essential Functions: 1.Assist residents with activities of daily living, i.e., bathing, hair care, mouth care, feeding, back care and toileting. Perform any of the procedures included in NAtraining manual.

Follows instructions from the RCR and RNP. Completes and documents all care as assigned accurately and in a timely manner. Assist residents during meals as indicated, feeding those unable to feed themselves, serving andcollecting trays. Replenish ice and water in resident rooms as needed.

2.Transport residents using a wheelchair or assist resident to ambulate to activities orspecial appointments, i.e., PT, Podiatry, Beauty Shop, etc. 3.Assist licensed personnel with special treatments, i.e., catherizations and enemas, etc. 4.Store and pass clean linen, change bed linen when indicated and collect and handlesoiled linen according to procedure. Collect soiled personal laundry according toprocedure.

Distribute clean personal laundry to appropriate residents and put it in drawers or closets. 5.Take vital signs, TPR, and blood pressure; record Intake Output; empty and change catheter drainage bags as directed. 6.Assist in keeping residents rooms neat, replenish personal care items as needed. 7.Observe residents and answer call bells in a timely manner to determine residents needs.Report any unusual conditions or reactions to supervisor.

Take appropriate action asrequested or required by the situation. 8. Assist in cleaning equipment used on the nursing unit, i.e., bedpans, urinals, wheelchairs,geri-chairs, toothbrush holders, basins, and emesis basins, etc. according to policy.9.Respond to Fire and Disaster alarms and drills according to procedures.

Assist residents to safety during an evacuation. 10. Direct visitors, answer telephone and run errands as directed. 11.Serve between-meal nourishments and assist residents who require help.

12.Participate in in-service education programs, floor conferences and nursing staff meetings. 13. Participates in the maintenance of a clean and safe environment. 14.

Practices fiscal responsibility in the use of supplies, equipment and time management. 15. Follows all facility and nursing policies and procedures, including those related toemployee and resident safety. 16.

Performs all other duties as assigned.

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