Bookmark Text Within A Webpage For Later Viewing [Chrome]

Simple Text Bookmark is a smart Chrome extension that lets you annotate, archive and bookmark text from websites. With it, you can select or clip portions of a website and save them as bookmarks for later viewing. When you return to the resource at a later time, the notes and highlights are right where you left them, so you can quickly reference information according to your need. Using this handy tool, you can read faster and retain information more efficiently. It allows you to clip text from a webpage and add additional text or notes to specific highlights, except for dynamic pages. Once a bookmark has been saved, a (+) is added to the extension’s button in the toolbar, which is visible every time you visit the page.

To create a bookmark, browse to a website of your choice, click the button in the toolbar and hover your mouse over the text you want to clip. You will notice that a yellow outline appears around the text, and when you click it, the text is highlighted in a yellow color.

Once the text has been highlighted, you can save it is as a bookmark or reset the page. Next time when you visit the page, you will notice that a (+) icon appears over the extension’s button in the toolbar. Simply click the button, and the highlighted text will instantly be displayed. You can then read the text or delete the bookmark, as per your choosing.

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Moreover, when you save content from websites, desktop notifications are also displayed. Simple Text Bookmark lets you view your favorite content in a unique way, without cluttering your bookmarks bar or folders. A feature that would undoubtedly add to the usefulness of this extension would be sharing of highlighted content on social networking websites. Overall, the extension increases your productivity, lets you save a lot of time and can be quite useful for retaining important information and references.

Install Simple Text Bookmark For Google Chrome

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