Blog Statistics For The Month Of September, 2008

Note: This Blog’s statistics will be posted on monthly basis, they might not seem useful right now, but they will  come handy from January when I will start writing about blogging tips. If you hate such posts, you can skip it. 🙂

Update : I forgot to mention that the pagerank of this blog reached from 0 to 3 in just a month.

AddictiveTips has been alive for a month and our stats prove how loyal our readers are becoming. More and more people are looking for useful tips and we are working hard to keep up to your expectations. Before I start, I would ask you to first welcome our new author Muzammil Younus to our solid AddictiveTips team. Soon you will also find a short biography (with a picture) of every author, so that people can understand the team better.

Here are the detailed statistics for the month of September.

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Blog Statistics for September, 2008

  • Total Unique Visitors : 131,215
  • Total PageViews : 229,097
  • Average Pages/Visit : 1.75
  • Average Time on Site : 1 minute 28 seconds

5 Most Viewed Posts

You can also have a look at Most Viewed Posts widget in the sidebar, it will show you the most viewed posts since the blog started. I wouldn’t say which post is more helpful or useful than others, we try our best to make sure each and every post is unique and it helps our readers.

Technical profile

To make this post more fun, I have added a technical profile which shows which Browser our readers are using. I was initially using Chrome, but there are 2 big disadvantages of this browser

  • Security flaws (Less secure than FireFox)
  • No Add-on/Plugin Capabilities (The reason why I switched from Chrome to FireFox)

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Site Usage by Countries

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Feed Subscribers

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The most impressive thing so far is that in just one month 153eople subscribed to the  feed. I didn’t save the picture so at the time of writing there are 167 feed readers, the details are below.

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Not bad for the first month, we are gearing up to provide you with better tips in October.If you have not subscribed to the feed yet, you can subscribe now.

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