Blaze (Spotter) job – Valdosta State University – Valdosta, GA

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Student Assistant

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General Summary of Responsibilities

BLAZE’s Spotter will help BLAZE represent the university at both athletic and campus events. BLAZE’s Spotter will help BLAZE perform duties required by the appearance, this can include navigating through crowds and spotting the appearance for obstacles that may not be in BLAZE’s view. BLAZE’s Spotter will behave in a way that is appropriate for the event and will represent the university according to the Student Handbook and Student Code of Conduct at all times when on duty. Must be in good academic standing and not subject to university discipline. BLAZE’s Spotter must be an outgoing individual who works well with others, including children and fans of all ages. They must be in good physical condition to both stand or walk for extended periods of time. BLAZE’s Spotter must be able to recognize especially at outdoor events as to when BLAZE will need to take breaks. BLAZE’s Spotter must be able to help BLAZE to read individual’s social cues to understand the level of interaction each fan may want. Ideal applicants for the position of BLAZE’s spotter should be motivated in generating school and/or team spirit.

Required Qualifications

Must be a current VSU Student

Must be registered for 6 cumulative credit hours

Must have and maintain a 2.0 grade point average.

Preferred Qualifications


Education, Experience, and Certification/License Qualifications

Cumulative GPA of at least 2.5

Physical Requirements

Must be in good physical condition to stand or walk for extended periods of time.

Compliance Requirements

1. Position Requires Annual Sexual Harassment Training

2. Position Requires Annual Ethics Training

3. Position Requires Compliance with the BOR Motor Vehicle Use Procedure

4. Position Requires Compliance with Valdosta State University Right to Know Policy

5. Position Requires Compliance with the VSU Information Resources Acceptable Use Policy

6. Position Requires Compliance with HIPAA Right to Privacy Act

7. All Supervisory Positions Require training in FMLA and Worker’s Compensation

Essential Duties of the Position

The duties below reflect 90% of the employee’s responsibilities. There is an additional 10% reserved for professional development and any other duties that may be assigned.

Job Duty

Publication and Marketing

Percentage Of Time


Job Duty

Perform at Athletic Events

Percentage Of Time


Job Duty

Perform at University Events

Percentage Of Time


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Posting Details

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Applicant Reviewer

Sage Archer

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