Best Apps, Tips & Tweaks Of The Week [05.19.2013]

It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss announcements made at Google I/O 2013, Cydia for Android, Hipstamatic’s take on Instagram, and an unreal file manager for Windows, among other excellent apps and tips.

Google I/O 2013 Announcements


This year’s Google I/O was unusually grand in terms of the quantity and quality of product announcements. Among other smaller announcements discussed in our latest Ask The Readers poll, Google launched Play Music All Access, unified Talk and Google+ Hangouts / Messenger into Hangouts for Android, iOS and Web, and redesigned Google+.

Unreal Commander Is An Extremely Powerful File Manager For Windows

Unreal Commander

Windows’ built-in File Explorer will suffice for the vast majority of desktop users out there, but those of you who are always on the hunt for a better solution will find it in Unreal Commander with its dual-pane, tabbed layout, built-in FTP client, file hash checker, splitter and archiver, folder synchronizer and more!

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What Is Cydia Substrate, Winterboard For Android And How To Install It

Cydia Substrate Android Cydia Substrate Android Packages

Cydia enjoys great prominence in the iOS jailbreak community. Earlier this week, its equally prominent developer – Jay “Saurik” Freeman – released Cydia Substrate for Android that, in the future, as developers show more interest, will allow users to apply nuanced tweaks to their rooted Android smartphone. You can also install Winterboard on top to allow for deep theming options.

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Adobe Photoshop Express Released For Windows 8 And RT

Adobe Photoshop Express user interface

Entire books have been written on how to use Photoshop’s full-blown desktop app, and they still don’t cover each and everything available. Thankfully, Adobe does have an easier-to-use, more basic photo-editing app called Photoshop Express for iOS and Android that has now been launched for Windows 8 and Windows RT.

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Start Menu Reviver Combines Windows 7’s Start Menu Structure With The Looks Of Windows 8 Start Screen

Start Menu Reviver_Apps

We have covered plenty of apps that bring back the Start Menu of Windows 7 and earlier to Windows 8, but none of them feel as at home in the Modern UI of Windows 8 as Start Menu Reviver. It effectively combines the structure of Windows 7’s Start Menu, with the looks of Windows 8’s Start screen.

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Auto-Set Google Now Backgrounds As Android Wallpaper Based On Time Of Day With GoogleNowWallpapers

GoogleNowWallpaper 08 GoogleNowWallpaper 12

Are you a big fan of Google Now’s excellent in-app wallpapers? GoogleNowWallpapers for Android allows you to set these wallpapers as the background for your home screens. What’s more is that these wallpapers can be set to change dynamically based on local time.

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Hipstamatic Oggl Builds On Instagram With Real-Time Filter-Lens Combos And More

Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Feed Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Camera Hipstamatic Oggl iOS Shoot With

Instagram may be singlehandedly dominating the photo-sharing market on mobile right now, but it’s a fact that Hipstamatic started the whole trend of sharing photos from your iPhone after applying eye-catching filters to them. Now Hipstamatic hopes to get back some market attention with Oggl.

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Capture Hands-Free Panoramas On iPhone 5 With Any Panorama App Using Autopano

Autopano NC Settings Autopano NC

We have discussed Cycloramic before on these pages. It’s an app for the iPhone 5 that allows you to take hands-free panoramas; the app uses custom vibration patterns to rotate the iPhone 5 on its own. Autopano is a jailbreak tweak that uses the same tactic but works inside any panorama app of your choice.

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Send Facebook Chat Stickers From Google Chrome With Facemoji

Hamza Khalid - Messages

I don’t quite understand the idea of using Stickers in Facebook messages on iOS and Android (oh, wow! Big emojis! Yay!), but those of you who do and would like to be able to send them from a desktop browser should check out Facemoji for Google Chrome.

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Set Any Tweet To Self-Destruct After Set Time With Efemr For Twitter


I recently discovered that there are Twitter users out there who actually go through their tweets at the end of the day to clean things up, deleting tweets they feel ‘pollute’ their profile. Well, if you are one of these people, you may want to check out Efemr to set your tweets to self-destruct after a certain period of time.

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Find The Right Fonts For Your Project, Test And Compare Them Online With FontPro


Useful for web designers: FontPro is a free font-testing and discovery service that makes the task of finding the perfect font for your project a whole lot easier.

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Popular Tumblr And Twitter Mashup ‘Pheed’ Now Available On Android

Pheed_Android Pheed-channels Pheed_timeline

Take Tumblr’s multimedia sharing features and combine them with the fast and real-time nature of Twitter, and you get Pheed (pronounced the same way as ‘feed’). After a successful launch on iOS devices, it has made its way on to Android smartphones and tablets.

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Collaborative Video Sharing App “Vyclone” Now Available On Windows Phone 8

Vyclone WP Shoot Vyclone WP Edit

Just when you think everyone has run out of compelling new ideas for mobile video sharing, an app like Vyclone comes along with “collaborative video sharing”, where users record video clips of a single moment and then create “multi-angle” movies without any extra effort. Vyclone was previously available for iOS and Android only, but was launched for Windows Phone earlier this week.

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