Best Apps, Tips And Tweaks Of The Week [08.04.2013]

It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular as well as the less-popular but equally useful apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss rooting Android 4.3 on Nexus devices, a new cross-platform collaborative word processor, a movie manager for Windows, and a full-blown torrent downloader and manager for Windows Phone 8, among other excellent apps and tips.

How To Root Nexus 4, 7, 10 And Galaxy Nexus On Android 4.3


Last week saw the worldwide release of Android 4.3 – still named ‘Jelly Bean’ – on Nexus devices. That’s all nice and cool, but the important question every power-user was asking was “how do I root this thing?” Well, as always, we’ve got you covered. It takes a few steps to open your Nexus device to a world of significantly more powerful apps.

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Hands-On With CyanogenMod’s New Camera App ‘Focal’

Focal 3

Have you heard of CyanogenMod’s ‘Project Nemesis’? It’s the name given to Android developer community’s efforts to come up with better alternatives to stock Android components, such as the Camera app. Focal comes up with a tweaked user interface, and a bunch of extra features like a customizable burst mode, scene modes, ISO, exposure settings and more.

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Imgur Launches Official iOS App After Success On Android

Imgur iOS Gallery Imgur iOS Upload Imgur iOS Comments

Imgur has long relied on third-party developers to come up with mobile apps for their service, but now that their viral images and GIFs enjoy more traffic than Reddit, they’ve decided to launch their own, official solution. Imgur’s app is actually a pretty good alternative to browsing 9GAG and other websites hosting funny or viral images.

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Get Chat Heads-Like Floating Notifications For Incoming Calls On Android With CallHeads

CallHeads Call CallHeads On App

Dislike how your phone activity is suddenly interrupted by a phone call? You should try out CallHeads! It shows a ChatHeads-like photo of the person calling you, allowing you to accept, decline or ignore their call without being brusquely taken away from your current app.

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Stylize Your Room In 3D With Autodesk’s Interior Design App ‘Homestyler’; Now On Android & iOS


This one’s for interior design enthusiasts: Autodesk’s Homestyler lets you take photos of your room, and allows you to place 3D models of virtual furniture, lights, carpets, paintings, mirrors, and more so you can see how it will look if you buy said items from a real designer. It was a web app at first, but now it is available on iOS and Android.

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Quip For Web, iOS And Android Is A More Social, Collaborative Word Processor

Quip iOS Thread Quip iOS Doc

We’ve seen plenty of collaborative productivity apps for mobile devices, but ex-Facebook CTO Bret Taylor’s new “Quip” for iOS, Android and web looks especially interesting. It allows multiple people to edit a single document while discussing it all in a message thread.

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GeoLog By Chainfire For Android Intelligently Tracks Your Location To Ensure Minimal Battery Consumption

GeoLog Log

GeoLog by Chainfire – the famous developer behind apps like SuperSU, Hotspot Control – makes full use of the latest Google Play APIs, and all necessary on-board sensors to determine your position with minimal battery consumption.

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Manage Your Extensive Movie Library With MoviePile For Windows, Includes ‘TagMark’ Feature To Extract GIFs & Short Video Clips

MoviePile Preview

If you have a lot of digital movies stored on your PC, you might want to use a movie manager and video player like MoviePile. Besides having basic movie management features, it has a neat ‘TagMark’ feature that allows you to tag a specific part of a movie, watch it later, and export it to a GIF or MPG file for easy sharing.

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Quickly Access Android 4.3’s Built-In Per-App Permissions Manager With This App

Android App Ops - Main Screen Android App Ops - Permissions

One of the interesting new features in Android 4.3 is the ability to manage system-level privileges on a per-app basis. Hidden by default, we show you how to expose it on your Nexus device, and how to make full use of it.

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Cancel iOS App Updates Mid-Download With CancelUpdate Jailbreak Tweak


There is a solution to iOS app updates getting stuck mid-download: It’s called ‘CancelUpdate’, and it allows you to revert an app update in a couple of taps on jailbroken iOS devices.

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Sort Gmail Emails On Basis Of Attached Files, Images And Links With Mikey For Google Chrome


You can easily search for emails with and without attachments using Gmail’s advanced search options, but Mikey for Gmail elegantly does all the hard work for you by sorting emails with files, images, links into separate tabs.

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QuickTerminal For Android Lets You Execute Popular Terminal Commands In A Single Tap; Allows Custom (Batch) Commands Too

QuickTerminal for Android - Navigation Drawer QuickTerminal for Android - Quick Command

Why would you ever use terminal commands when you can do it all in a more comfortable manner with apps using a graphical user interface? Because terminal commands are more powerful, that’s why! Most people don’t know this, but Android comes with a terminal that is hidden away from regular users. You can access it via QuickTerminal to quickly execute pre-made popular commands, or custom commands, individually or in a batch.

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Download And Manage Torrents On Windows Phone 8 With wpTorrent

wpTorrent WP8 Confirm wpTorrent WP8 wpTorrent WP8 File

Controlling desktop torrent apps from a phone? That’s fine on a limited mobile platform like iOS, but a Windows Phone developer has released a full-blown torrent manager for Windows Phone 8 with which you can download torrents directly, and later send them to your PC wirelessly.

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