Best Apps, Tips And Posts Of The Week [12.29.2013]

It’s that time of the week again when we round up the most popular (as well as the less-popular but equally useful) apps, tips and tweaks that you may have missed during your hectic workweek. This time around, we discuss the iOS 7 jailbreak and new tweaks/apps, an innovative app switcher for Android, an amazing new email client for iPad, and some really neat browser extensions, among other excellent apps and tips.

How To Jailbreak iOS 7 – 7.0.4 On iPhone 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4 With evasi0n 7


The iOS community has been waiting for several months for an iOS 7 jailbreak to be released; it finally happened last week. There is a lot of controversy surrounding it, and the iOS 7 jailbreak community itself is in its infancy, but the few tweaks that do work properly do improve iOS 7. I’ll be jailbreaking my 4S later today myself.

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How To Access Apple’s Internal iOS 7 Springboard Settings Menu

Enable Hidden-SpringBoard-Settings-menu-in-iOS-7 Hidden-SpringBoard-Settings-menu_iOS-7

There’s a hidden iOS 7 feature called ‘Springboard Settings’ that was unearthed while iOS 7 was in beta. It comes with a number of settings for controlling how animations, 3D effects, folders and more! It’s like a jailbreak tweak made by Apple, in a way. Now that iOS 7 has been jailbroken, here’s how you can easily access it on your iDevice.

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Sun365 Is A Gorgeous Chrome Weather Extension That Integrates With Google, Facebook & Other Popular Sites


I don’t need to know the outside weather all the time, so this one’s not for me but for the rest: Sun365 gives you detailed weather reports, 10-day/18-hour forecasts, and even integrates with Facebook, Google and other popular websites so you can see basic weather data while you’re surfing the web.

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Popular Messages App biteSMS Is Now Available For Jailbroken iOS 7 Devices

biteSMS iOS 7 Home biteSMS iOS 7 Thread biteSMS iOS 7 PopUp

biteSMS is the most popular replacement on jailbroken iOS devices, and it now has basica compatibility with iOS 7. It has its fair share of shortcomings, but they’re the sort that we know will go away as soon as the app gets more time from the developers.

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Official GameTrailers App Now Available On Android

GameTrailers_Main GameTrailers_Reviews

GameTrailers is one of my favorite websites for checking out reviews of newly-released games. Now, they’ve got an official app for Android smartphones and tablets that offers an experience that is far better than their mobile website. Worth checking out for gamers.

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Loopr Is A Faster, More Fluid Alternative App Switcher For Android

Loopr Launch Left Loopr-Sensitivity

Don’t like the stock app switcher in Android? No problem! There are so many great alternatives out there that it is now becoming genuinely hard to choose one. Now, we’ve got Loopr. With it, you can select a part of the screen to activate app switching. You’re then presented with a semi-circle of currently running or recently opened apps. In our testing, we found this method to be faster than the stock app switcher, so it’s worth a try.

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Quit All Apps Or Restart SpringBoard By Dismissing Home Screen Card In iOS 7 App Switcher

Swipe-iOS-7-App-Switcher-home-screen-card-to-respring SwitchSpring-SpringBoard-respring-Cydia-tweak

Tweaks like SwitchSpring make a compelling case for jailbreaking your iOS 7 device. It’s simple in nature: when you dismiss the home screen card in the app switcher, you get an option to Restart Springboard or Quit (All) Apps. I find it highly tedious to flick them away two (or even three) at a time; this is an effective solution.

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MailDeck Is A Lovely New iPad Mail Client With A Flat UI, Support For All IMAP Email, And Unified Inbox

Maildeck Profile maildeck-appearance

When I get my iPad Air next week, I intend to use Mailbox as my primary email client, but now I’m thinking of giving MailDeck a try. It has a nice UI, works with IMAP email, and even allows you to set reminders, and manage tasks from within the app.

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Annotate Anywhere On Your Android Screen With Floating Draw

Floating Draw Launch Floating Draw

Floating Draw is like a reversed version of Skitch. Instead of taking a screenshot and annotating over it in an app, you annotate first over other running apps, and then save it as a screenshot. Great for quickly pointing things out in your screenshots!

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Get Windows Alt+Tab-Like App-Switching For Tabs In Firefox With Supertab


Are you a fan of Windows’ Alt+Tab application switching? You can get a similar mechanism in Mozilla Firefox for switching between tabs with the Supertab extension.

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Privacy-Conscious Android Browser Dolphin Zero Blocks Web Services From Tracking You, Deletes All Browsing Info On Exit

Dolphin Zero_AT Dolphin Zero_Exit Dolphin Zero_Shred

Ever since the general public has gained knowledge of the US government and national agencies doing mass surveillance, the market for privacy-conscious software products has taken off! The latest example is Dolphin Zero – it blocks web services from tracking you, and even deletes all browsing information as soon as you exit the browser.

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News+ Is The Spiritual Successor To gReader: A Powerful New RSS Reader For Android

News  for Android 03

iOS is still ahead of the curve in terms of high-quality RSS readers, but Android is a close second. Apps like Feedly, and Press are fairly impressive, and now we have a new kid on the block: News+ is powerful, good-looking, customizable, and yet easy to use. Highly recommended!

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