Basic Text Editor That Lets You Plan Long Projects [Mac]

‘There’s an app for that’ is both a great and annoying thing to hear when you’re Mac user, since not everyone will tell what app to use when you’re trying to get something done. Writing is just one of those things that everyone does, and finding a good text editor is important. If you’re looking for something that covers the basics of text editing, Story Lite is a free Mac App that will let you input text, apply a border to the page, adjust text alignment, undo and redo functions, change the font and background color and highlight text. The app lets you create several editor boxes, and you can write in each one of them, which is useful if you’re creating a particularly long document and want to keep different parts of it separate until you’re ready to compile them.

When you first launch the app, it opens a blank document with five editor boxes added by default. You can add additional boxes using the Add Box button at the top. To remove a box, click the cross at the top right of an editor box. You may copy/paste text to and from the app. Text itself can be selected and dragged to any part of the document and between editor boxes. The Bold, Italic, Underline, Alignment, Text and background color and highlight color and border buttons are all located on the tool bar.

The app’s preferences are unconventionally located at File > Preferences, and are further divided into All, Canvas, and Box. All will let you view all preferences, while the other two will show you settings for the canvas and the editor boxes only. From the preferences, you can select a default size for the window, enable auto save and select an interval for it, modify the canvas and box layout, manage where the app will save documents and printer settings.

Story Lite preferences

By default, the app saves in STO format, which is specific to Story Lite. Overall, the app is sufficiently equipped to meet your basic editing requirements. This is the lite version of the app, while the pro version is still under the wraps but promises to support images. The app is also available for Windows 7.

Download Story Lite For Mac

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