Auto Change Windows 7 Aero Colors According To Weather In Your City

AeroWeather is an interesting application which looks for temperature or weather condition of your city and change the Windows Aero theme color according to it. The application sits silently in the system tray, retrieving the temperature in real-time. Overall, it makes an appealing connection with the temperature of your location with Windows Interface to give the real-life experience of knowing the weather conditions. With AeroWeather up and running, you can just look at the Windows current color scheme to know the temperature of your current location.

The usage is utterly simple and straightforward, all it requires is to enter the zip code of your location (US only) to know the temperature of that city. It is further possible to set the Windows Aero Color based on either the weather conditions or temperature of the location. Color range is also customizable, you can enter a range between 0-100. Moreover, it comes with a Night Mode, which when enabled, will automatically dim your aero colors at night. Maximum temperature will change the Windows UI to red whereas lower temperature will always give purple shade to Windows interface, between max & min range, you will get different colors.

The memory footprint is only 8MB. The only noticeable downside is that when you close it down, Windows Aero colors will not revert back to their original configurations.

It runs on Windows 7, provided you have .Net framework 3.5 or higher installed. Testing was done on Windows 7 x86 system.

Download AeroWeather

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