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Flv Crunch is a free Mac application that is built to convert FLV videos into MPEG 1, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, MOV, AVI,3GP, WMV,FLV,MKV,MP3,M4A,and AIFF formats. Unlike other video and audio converters, it accepts an equally large number of file formats that includes the FLV and RealTime Media player supported files. In addition to being a video converter, Flv Crunch allows you to change the video size. You can use one of the preset sizes, or specify your own down to the pixel. Flv Crunch lets you change the frame and the bit rate of a file, and supports both audio and video formats. Files can be added and converted in batches.

Flv Crunch has a simple, plain interface. You can add files by dragging them over the Source Files box.Alternatively, you can use the Add button to manually add files from different locations. Once files are added, select the format you want to convert the files to, from the Format dropdown. Now, choose the frame followed by bitrate. You can choose to skip these settings, and set it to the No Change option. From the Resolution box, pick new dimensions of the video after unchecking the Keep original value option. Use the Presets dropdown to change to a size suitable for iPod, iPhone, VGA, Standard Definition and High Definition. Select a location for the output files and click Start.

Visit Flv Crunch’s preferences for configuring additional settings. Specify a default format for conversion, change the default destination and tell the app what it should do when the file conversion process finishes. Flv Crunch uses different engines for converting the files, and you can select the required one from the Engine Version dropdown.

Flv Crunch preferences

Finally, Flv Crunch also has a video cropper. This tool does not shorten the length of a video by removing parts of it. Rather, it crops the display size of a video. Unlike changing resolution where the entire content of the video is fit into a defined area, this reduces the area the same as a picture is cropped. To access the crop tool, go to the Video menu and select Crop, type in pixels you want to remove from the video, and then convert it using the app’s main window.

Flv Crunch crop

Flv Crunch can read and convert between a number of formats, and its rather unique crop tool might just be useful given the right circumstances.

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