AT&T Pushes First OTA Update Changing Carrier To 7.1

We first reported about AT&T using 7-14 days OTA update cycle which our source confirmed. He also mentioned that he saw 6 month worth of OTA updates in the server. Now the same source has double confirmed us that his iPhone has received a mandatory update from AT&T which has updated the carrier to AT&T 7.1.

The iPhone 4 with this source is exactly 7 and half days old. This OTA will roll out slowly to more AT&T users starting today.

The Mandatory pop-up can be seen in the screenshot below and will show on top of everything else on the iPhone. Clicking Accept will restart your iPhone, and apply the update.

otaupdate AT&T Pushes First OTA Update Changing Carrier To 7.1

The only way to prevent this update is to click Cancel or the small “Back” icon on top left side of the screen. But be warned that if you shutdown or restart your phone, it will apply the update automatically once it is turned back on. There is a reason it is called a Mandatory update.

It must be noted that this OTA update can never brick your phone, it does nothing except giving data issues even when 3G has full signal. Some people are getting no data on their 3G network, confirms the source. The reason is because the iPhone portion is updated but not the AT&T, thus iPhones will not be able to use Internet.

To confirm that your iPhone is not up to date on AT&T, go to Network Settings and look at the part “Internet Tethering”. If there is no option for Internet Tethering, then your phone is not updated to current AT&T network settings.

Basically it comes down to this, AT&T sending OTA update to check your settings, and asking you to update it to continue using the internet.

If you complain to AT&T that the internet is not working, they will simply ask you to restore the phone and update to the latest OTA update. Now the internet will start working again and you can jailbreak your iPhone once again, but after 7-14 days they will release another OTA that will kill the internet, and the process goes on and on.

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