Archive & Reply To Emails From The iPhone Notification Center With Gmail App

Gmail’s just received an update and it has a few really useful new features that let you archive or reply to emails from your lock screen and the notification center. The update doesn’t require you to add Gmail as widget to the Notification center but allows you to instead choose whether you want to reply to an email or archive it from the notification alone. If you choose to reply to an email, it will launch the Gmail app, load the email in question and take you to the ‘Reply’ screen. Emails can be archived by just tapping on the option in the notification center. Here’s a look at the new feature.

Update the Gmail for iOS app to version 4.0. When you receive an email, swipe left on it and you will see two new buttons; Reply and Archive. The buttons will appear when the notification is swiped from the lock screen or from the Notification Center when it is pulled down. Additionally, if you get an email while you’re using an app, you can pull the notification down to access those same options.


Apart from this new way to interact with your emails, the new version of Gmail also lets you email files or photos from the share options. You’ll have to enable it first. Go to the Photos app (or any app that has Share options) tap on the more button. Enable Gmail here and you will be able to attach multiple photos or files to an email.

gmail_activities  gmail_share

The new updates are really awesome and iOS users will finally get to know how great it is to use Gmail on Android. You could do all this on a normal Android device and much more if you had a rooted one for ages.

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