AeroShot Takes Window Screenshots With Opaque/ Custom Background Color

Sometimes, we write about a new application because we really like its features, but mostly, the reason is that we see a lot of potential in the application and advise the developer to fix the problems that we find during our testing. Both GreenShot and Shotty are awesome screenshot taking applications and are the primary screenshot capturing tools for a lot of us. However, we keep reviewing new software with different options, so that our readers have alternatives to choose from. Working on the same lines, we bring to you a screenshot capturing application called AeroShot. It is an open source application for Windows that allows you to capture screenshots of a window while preserving its transparency.

All the screenshot capturing functions are controlled from within the main interface. The application provides you with a list of running programs to choose from, for taking its screenshot. You can save the screenshot to disk or merely copy it to clipboard if you want to directly paste it somewhere else. The Resize Window option allows you to set the exact resolution for taking screenshots. If the window supports resizing, it will be automatically resized before the screenshot gets taken.

Other options on offer by AeroShot include the ability to set an opaque background with custom colors, and whether or not to show the mouse pointer in your capture. The application list can be refreshed using the Refresh List button allowing you to choose newly started applications.

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While there is nothing unique on offer by AeroShot, we do feel that it can improve a lot in future releases. However, there are certain issues that might require immediate addressing. For instance, when you set a resolution for taking screenshots, the application resizes the actual window before taking the screenshot, instead of first taking the screenshot and then resizing the image. This results in messing up what you actually wanted to capture. Fixing this should be the first priority of the developer. Moreover, there is only one mode for capturing screenshots, while most alternatives offer multiple modes. On the plus side, since you get to pick the desired application from a list instead of manually focussing a window, it makes it easier to capture even those dialog boxes that might prove difficult otherwise. Nevertheless, working needs to be done on this tool before we can recommend it as a serious threat to our current screenshot favorites, Greenshot and Shotty.

AeroShot is a portable application and works on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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