AddictiveTips v2.0 Coming Soon!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately. After designing AddictiveTips v2.0 for over a month, it is finally starting to come together. The next version of our design will be more social and user-friendly. While I keep myself busy on AddictiveTips v2.0, you will continue to see Android apps reviews by Saad and perhaps some freeware reviews by Usman. The Mobile section will also remain up-to-date which is managed by Ali.

There are some interesting changes coming in the next redesign which will go live in 2nd week of October (if everything goes according to the plan) so I will hold off the surprises for now.

You can, however, take a peak at small portion of our upcoming redesign, below.

Sorry for ruining your excitement but adding explosion effect makes our readers more curious about the image, according to recent survey conducted by AddictiveTips Team. The team showed two sets of five images each to highly trained monkeys – original (untouched) and blurry (explosion effect).

The results were astonishing!

The average time spend looking at original images was only 10 seconds before being torn apart, while in comparison, the time spend looking at blurry images was 2 minutes, after which, the monkeys collapsed.*

Talking about the next redesign, the whole interface will be revamped up. If there is anything you wished our website had but never got a chance to tell us, now is your time! Let us know in the comments and we will respond.

* There is no way of confirming if the survey is real. Welcome to the internet!

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