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If you’re an avid web surfer and frequently need to visit specific websites on your Android, but find it tiresome to navigate all the way to your browser app to open each individual website separately, then you must consider using Dashboard. This immensely convenient and customizable app lets you specify bookmark shortcuts to a maximum of nine (9) different most frequently used URLs on its main interface, so that you’re always just a single tap away from navigating to your favorite websites. What’s even better with Dashboard, is that it also supports a nifty skinnable homescreen widget, complete with the shortcuts to all nine bookmarks, so that you can head over to the required URL direct from your Android’s homescreen. From the customization perspective, you can also apply various elegant skins/themes to your Dashboard widget to make it look even prettier, and in compliance with your default launcher. Details to follow.

It must be mentioned here that Dashboard is not the first app of its kind to arrive in the Google Play Store. Previously reviewed Android Pro Widgets also offered a similar bookmark-packed homescreen widget feature as a sub-segment of its entire suite. However, when it comes to personalization and ease of use, Dashboard is very much at par with (if not ahead of) most of its counterparts.


Setting up the app is quite easy, too. On its main interface, the app presents you with a total of nine different bookmark slots, each set to launch the Google homepage, by default. All you need to do is link each individual bookmark slot to the URL of the required website. For this, tap Menu > Links Setup, and start setting up the relevant bookmark slots accordingly. Set up as many bookmarks as needed, and once done, you may start opening the required URLs by just tapping their relevant bookmark slot.

Dashboard-Android-Slots Dashboard-Android-Sample1

The app’s homescreen widget is comprised of the same bookmarks as specified within the app’s main interface. Once you’ve installed the Dashboard widget, you can apply a different skin to it. For this, tap the Dashboard tab present on the widget, which will take you to the app’s main interface. Next, tap Menu > App. Widget Setup, and select a theme of your choice. The available widget skins are as follows:

  • White glass
  • Tangerine
  • Black glass
  • Café
  • Ice cream sandwich
  • Brush stripes
  • Ginger

Dashboard-Android-Sample2 Dashboard-Android-Sample3 Dashboard-Android-Sample4

Dashboard is available in the Google Play Store as a free and $1 Pro variant. The free version is ad-supported, and offers you a maximum of just six bookmark slots. However, upgrading to the Pro version not only removes ads, but also lets you avail the 3 missing slots, and offers a larger number of widget skins.

Download Dashboard Lite (Free)

Download Dashboard Pro (Paid)

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