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Firefox suddenly removed “Properties” from the right-click context menu starting with Firefox 3.6. One of the most useful feature for webmasters and power users just vanished completely from the browser without any reason. If you are one of those users who cannot live without Properties option, you are in luck; now there is an add-on to bring it back. The reason why Properties option is so useful and why users prefer having it in right-click content menu can be tracked to the options present. You will find all element properties, such as, address (URL), how it will open (same window, new window, or same tab), relation (bookmark), and some miscellaneous properties showing the text language and title. Many users who own a website, blog or forum, or writers/editors who making a living on the web, find this option to be really useful, this includes the folks working at AddictiveTips.

Element Properties 6 is a free add-on that does nothing except putting the Properties back in Firefox’s right-click context menu. Install it, restart the browser, and you are done.  The Properties option in the right-click context menu will be back. This extension does not add any new options of it’s own, it just restores the Properties option in context menu that was officially removed by Firefox.


According to the developer, the add-on works with Firefox 3.6b1pre – 16.0a1. If the add-on fails to work, make sure you have the supported version number of Firefox browser. It may or may not work on the Firefox versions not supported as of yet.

Element Properties 6 Firefox Add-on

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